MyPCBackup Review – Enjoy 14-Day Free Trial!

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Did you know? MyPCBackup is a cloud-based file backup product that is offered by the same company that owns JustCloud? And because the parent company, Just Develop It, located in the UK, has been in business for a handful of years and spent a lot of time on research and development, they know how to provide very user-friendly products that become quite popular. Their goal is to provide “simple, online solutions” to consumers who use their computers and the internet to do, well, just about everything.

Yep, MyPCBackup is User Friendly

I found out firsthand just how user friendly MyPCBackup is right from the get-go. Downloading the application couldn’t have been simpler. After putting in my information for a free account, the next screen that came up had explicit instructions customized to my browser software:

Simple Instructions on Downloading the Software

Both JustCloud and MyPCBackup have very similar features. Since the two are very similar, we won’t spend time going over the feature list again because you can find that in our JustCloud review. Instead, let’s take a look at the ways you can use the very simple and user-friendly MyPCBackup to backup all your files, regardless of type or size, safely and securely.

How To Backup Your File with MyPCBackup Efficiently

So, you’ve completed the easy installation and you’re all set to backup your files. Let’s go through the specifics of doing just that.

  1. Schedule Your Backup
    The first thing you’ll want to do is schedule the backup service so it’s not running during peak computer usage hours. That’s simple enough; all you have to do is access “settings” by clicking on the MyPCBackup icon in your tray. You can either choose to backup your files at the same time each day or select a certain day(s) of the week or month.

    Tip: If you do a lot of work on your computer, you’ll want to upgrade your account so you can schedule hourly backups that ensure none of your important files get lost or damaged.

    Scheduling Your Automatic Online Backup

  2. Choose The Correct Files To Backup
    Next, let’s figure out what types of files you should and shouldn’t back up to your online cloud storage account. Do you really need to backup every little thing – or should you pick and choose? If you want to perform the quickest backup, then you need to select only those files you truly can’t replace. For many users, those are the files in the “My Documents” and “Pictures” folders (for a PC).

    Now, most of us have photos and videos that we wish to copy to the cloud, too. Those are usually bigger files. The downside is that backing up those files requires a lot of bandwidth and time. Fortunately, MyPCBackup doesn’t limit the number of files you can upload and allows you 5 gigs per file (with an Unlimited account with file size add-on purchase and a drag & drop backup) so feel free to send over large video and photo files – but you’ll probably want to do this initially over a period of days when you’re not using your computer so it doesn’t interfere with your work.

    Note: There is no bandwidth limit associated with your MyPCBackup account so copy ALL your files over! As claimed by Steven in his MyPC Backup Review, backing up 1GB of data took him 5 hours. Well, it really sounds promising, doesn’t it?

  3. Allocate Proper Computer Resources to MyPCBackup
    Another nice feature of this software is you get to decide how much of your system resources you wish to allocate to the backup process – light (slow) or heavy (fast). MyPCBackup is actually one of the fastest backup services available. If you are experiencing very slow upload times, it is probably due to the speed of your internet connection. The first time I performed an initial backup of 2 MB, it was done in seconds. Of course, that isn’t a lot of storage space, but I was impressed by the speed nonetheless.

    Select Files To Backup in MyPCBackup

    You can also back up your files from any device that connects to the internet simply by accessing your account online. Then merely select the file you wish to upload and drag & drop it into your sync folder. The only browser this feature is incompatible with is Internet Explorer; it works just fine with Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

    Note: You can only backup one machine with this service. So you can upload single files from other devices to sync to your computer, but you can’t back them up.

  4. .exe Files Are Allowed in MyPCBackup
    Now, here’s something unique about MyPCBackup – it allows you to upload executable files (.exe extensions). The majority of online backup services do not. MyPCBackup does not automatically select files with these extensions to backup: LNK, WAB~, VMC, VHD, VO1, VO2, VSV, VUD, VMDK, VMSN, VMSD, HDD, VDI, VMWAREVM, NVRAM, VMX, VMEM, ISO, DMG, SPARSEIMAGE, DL_, WIM, LOG, DB, however you can manually select them.

How Secure Are Your Files?

It’s interesting to note that MyPCBackup offers you a choice to connect using HTTP or HTTPS via desktop settings, however a note on the bottom of the tab claims that no matter which you choose, your data will always be transmitted using the more secure HTTPS. Your files are stored on the Amazon s3 data center, iconic for its hefty security.

As standard, MyPCBackup uses 256-bit AES encryption. Only one other cloud storage service we’ve reviewed uses any less than that – and that’s SugarSync.

Which One Is Cheaper?

20% Off on MyPCBackup

You are probably wondering about pricing. After you sign up for a free trial – which lasts 14 days and gives your 2 MB of data storage – you’ll be offered a 20% discount. Yep, just sign up and wait for an email from your personal account representative (a dedicated person who handles your account – a really nice touch!) that offers your discount, good for a limited period of time.

You can actually get a 35% discount just by finding the “secret link” in their page. But if I were you, I will head over to JustCloud (since they are sister company and are sharing almost the same features) and learn the way to grab as much as 70% discount! :)

Conclusions: Is MyPCBackup Recommended?

Do we recommend MyPCBackup? Yes, for personal use. It’s a robust program that backs up all your files, regardless of type, and you can purchase an unlimited account that uploads all the files on your hard drive to an online cloud server, regardless of size. These features are offered at a really good price, particularly if you opt for the 35% secret discount and pay two years’ worth of service upfront.

Go ahead and give it a test run and see what you think – there’s no obligation and no downside.