JustCloud Review – The Best Online Backup You Can Count On

What Is The Best deal of JustCloud?

What is the best price of JustCloud? If you are particular enough, you may notice there’s a “Secret Link” at the bottom of their website which gives you 35% discount. Well done, you are smarter than 80% of the people! But wait, that’s not the best deal yet! In fact you can get even more discount.

Let me tell you the truth! You can actually get 70% discount on JustCloud! Yes you read it right, 70% Discount!! No bull! You will only need to pay these prices:-

  • 2 years subscriptions – $6.95  $1.86/month
  • 1 year subscriptions – $7.95  $2.23/month
  • 6 months subscriptions – $8.95  $2.61/month
  • 1 month subscriptions – $9.95  $2.98/month

*Price is based on Premium Plan.

NO coupon code is needed for the discount. All you need to do is to subscribe to their free trial, and wait. Yes wait! There will be emails from JustCloud flooding your inbox (around 12 along the trial period). Some with scaring titles but don’t panic. Then you will notice JustCloud is giving promotions along the trial period. They want your business! You will be getting 50% off etc. The nearer to the end of your trial period, you will be offered greater discount. And lastly, by the 10th day of your trial period, you will be offered the biggest discount of all – 70%! Then you know what you to do.

p/s: Don’t tell JustCloud that I teach you this ;)

Who Is JustCloud and Why Are They So Popular?

JustCloud is one of the ‘Just’ brand developed by Just Develop It. They are located in Hampshire, United Kingdom. They have become one of the most popular online backup providers for reasons:-

  1. JustCloud is extremely user friendly. The local client hands down is the easiest software to use.
  2. JustCloud is generous with its features where they provide both archival and synchronized storage separately (regardless of plans). This is not something usual at the price they are charging!
  3. Last but not least JustCloud is CHEAP! Targeting home users, their pricing is so attractive that everyone can afford cloud storage.

What Backup Plans Does JustCloud Have?

JustCloud offers subscribers 14 days of trial period. You will not need to supply them credit card for the trial period. After 14 days you will need to upgrade to one of their 3 plans to continue using the service. The plans are Home, Premium and Unlimited.

  1. Home Plan – This is the lowest plan in JustCloud and it costs $6.95* /month regularly.
  2. Premium Plan – Premium is the most popular plan where you pay $7.95* /month.
  3. Unlimited Plan – Unlimited as it says provide unlimited storage. The cost will be $9.95* /month.

* Prices are based on regular price without the 70% off and 12-month subscriptions.

How Much Storage Space Do I Get?

There are 2 type of storage in JustCloud – Archival storage and Synchronized storage. Archival storage will serve as a deposit box for your data and it can be set to backup automatically or manually. It simply duplicate your files in the cloud; while Synchronized storage not only duplicates your files, it will update the files automatically once it’s updated locally.

For Archival storage, you will get these accordingly:-

  1. Home Plan – 75GB
  2. Premium Plan – 250GB
  3. Unlimited Plan – Unlimited GB

The Synchronized storage will be standard across all plan type where you get 1GB of sync space. However it can be upgraded at an annual cost. The break down is as followed: 5GB sync folder $15.95; 10GB $49.95, while the 20GB is $97.95.

The additional space for Synchronized storage is rather expensive. If I were you I will definitely not upgrade it. Instead I will tidy up the files and utilize the 1GB.

That Is Confusing. Do You Have a Guideline on How to Use JustCloud?

Yes indeed. I was confused at first too!

A general practice is that Archival storage is used to backup files and data that are important but not frequently used. The software will backup the files and folders you’ve chosen from your hard disk. This backup can be scheduled at hourly, daily or at the press of a button. (One click file backup as shown below)

One Click File Backup with JustCloud

In another hand Synchronized storage stores files that you need to work on often. When you install JustCloud into your computer, the software will create a new folder named “Sync Folder”. All you need is to save the file in that “Sync Folder” and it will be automatically synced into the cloud. If you are editing the file, remember to edit it from the folder so that it can be sync with the cloud once you are done editing.

Sync Folder

What Are The Files I Can Upload?

There are no file type restrictions in JustCloud. Some service providers don’t allow .exe file but this is not the case in JustCloud. However there is a list of file types that are not backed up by default. You can easily change it under “Settings”, “File Types”.
Edit The File Types that Can Be Backed Up

Besides the file types, JustCloud cannot be used to store child-pornography or any other files that violate U.S. export control laws or the export or import regulations of other countries.

What Is The Individual File Size Limit?

Unfortunately JustCloud does have an individual file size limit. By default the software only backup files that are smaller than 5MB. You can change it to maximum 5GB per file. Well if you are uploading Blu-ray movie, beware of this!

What Is File Versioning?

File versioning is a feature applies only on Archival storage. There are times when you update or delete a file. To avoid your files being accidentally modified, JustCloud actually keep a version of your files. So that if you’ve done it accidentally you can still retrieve them. They keep as many as 7 versions of a file. That’s how safe your data is with JustCloud.

You Have Uploaded Your Files. How Do I Access Them?

You can access your files through computer, mobile devices and tablets.

  1. With computers, just go to JustCloud and log in and you will see your files.
  2. With Android or iOS devices, there is a dedicated app for you. Search JustCloud and download the app. It’s free.

The rule of thumb is – as long as you are connected to the Internet, your files are at your fingertip. After all this is about cloud storage – access your file anywhere but you first need to have access to the Cloud (Internet).

In regards of device compatibility, I have tested JustCloud on all my personal devices. It’s working fine with Windows 7, both 32bit and 64 bit, Mac OSX 10.6.8, iOS 5.1.1, Android 2.2 and BlackBerry OS. I do not test them on Nokia, Symbian OS, and Linux. Do let me know if you’ve tested them on those OS so that I can update it here.

Online Streaming?

Unfortunately JustCloud doesn’t support any form of online streaming. You need to first download the files in order to view them. Well this is one of drawbacks but I don’t find it disturbing, as I don’t store music or video there. I store only work related files.

The Emails Are Annoying! How Do I Get Rid of Them?

JustCloud does send out promotions emails. It’s indeed annoying for me! The good news is you can choose to unsubscribe from them. Just go to “My Account” and you will see something like below. But be bear in mind you might miss the 70% off email if you unsubscribe them. If I were you I will leave it on for the first 14 days and shut it off after that.

Unsubscribe Emails

I Store My Life In JustCloud! But Are They Reliable At All?

I contacted their customer support regarding a few issues. My experiences are good with them. Generally I get their reply in less than 6 hours though they claim to do it in 24. My only complaint is that they do not provide live chat. And their telephone support is only for billing related issue.

In term of security Justcloud uses AES-256 bit encryptions while handling all file transfers. 256-bit is also known as banking and military grade so it’s clear that they are more than secure.

Conclusions: Is JustCloud Backup Recommended?

Yes I do recommend JustCloud. There are a few reasons why JustCloud appears to be the best online backup here.

  1. User friendly. The interface of the software is really easy to use. You will be surprised how simple it is!
  2. Rich in features. Having Synchronized storage is really a very HUGE plus point for JustCloud. Although you don’t get multi giga bite of Synchronized storage, the 1GB come with any plans does do the job for me. I love that!
  3. 7 file versioning. 7 is a good number where you don’t need to mess with too many different versions yet it provides sufficient protection.
  4. Cheap pricing. JustCloud is one of those services that achieves great balance between profit and value. They don’t provide bombastic features but they charge reasonably low. Perhaps that is what makes them so popular today.

If you are serious in protecting your data, yet you want to pay less for the service. JustCloud is definitely a good choice!

Anyway, seeing is believing. The 14 days free trial serves as a very good approach to learn about JustCloud’s service. It’s FREE! So just sign up and exploit their service as much as possible! Make up some issues and test their support. Only subscribe if you like! And if you’re going to do so (I’m pretty sure you are) remember to take advantage with the above-mentioned 70% discount!